Believe it or not, many adults benefit from orthodontia. Numerous adults suffer from jaw issues, or a smile they aren’t comfortable with. However most adults, cringe at the thought of a mouth full of metal. This is why we offer specialized treatment options including Invisalign braces for adults.

The most important factor to keep in mind when considering adult orthodontics is that the bone has settled, and growth has stopped. This means that occasionally other methods are necessary to correct the occlusion, including orthognathic surgery. Other factors that may interact with treatment include:

  • Gum or bone loss – gum and bone recession due to periodontal disease, or misaligned teeth may be a factor in treatment with orthodontia. In many instances, orthodontia can assist in the prevention of progressive gum disease.
  • Missing teeth – over time, teeth can shift into different positions, and wear facets can develop. Missing teeth can cause the other teeth to shift and tilt, resulting in a bad bite and progressive periodontal disease. The tipping of teeth next to a missing tooth can only be corrected with orthodontia.
  • Mutli-specialty mouth rehabilitation – many times, orthodontia in adults will include other specialists including periodontists, and general dentists to assist in creating your perfect smile.