All on Four

Teeth in a Day, or All-On-Four(R), is a solution for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth, and would like to restore their smile, as well as regain the function of their normal teeth. This innovative process takes advantage of dental implants to support an entire dental arch.

In the past, when patients lost their teeth, they would simply receive a conventional denture made by their dentist. This is an acrylic plate that is freely removable, typically taken out at night, and is supported only by the gums, or soft tissue. Many patients complain these dentures are loose, don’t fit properly, and may even be painful. In addition, these dentures do not offer the same ability for patients to eat the foods they used to enjoy. For some, the psychological ramifications of not having any teeth is not inconsequential.

A second option for patients came with the advent of dental implants. This is the so-called implant-assisted denture, or locator denture. In this case, 2 to 4 implants are placed in the jaw bone. Connected to these implants is either a bar, or male-type connectors that snap into housings on the inside surface of the denture. This improves the retention of the denture; however, the denture is still removed at night by the patient, and not all food choices are suited to these snap-on dentures.

Most recently, we are able to strategically place four dental implants in the jaw bone, and secure dentures directly to these implants with screws. Typically this is done in a day, or, more commonly, in a morning (hence the ‘teeth in a day’ moniker). These dentures are not removed by the patients. They are fixed. Only the dentist removes them, and usually just for cleanings (typically once a year).

But these are not your typical dentures either. The denture/prosthesis/teeth is shaped like your arch, in a U-shape, and it is supported by a custom made, titanium-milled bar. Because of this design, there is no acrylic covering the roof of your mouth, or rubbing against the inside of your gums. They look, feel, and work like your own, natural teeth. Patients’ ability to chew are improved. They can taste foods better because there is no acrylic covering the taste buds of the palate. And many patients describe this as a life-changing procedure for them, instilling the confidence and esthetics they used to have.

Dr. Goulston is a specialist with the highest level of training in dental implant surgery; he carries with him over ten years of experience in the All-On-Four procedure, and full arch reconstruction. After having performed countless cases, Dr. Goulston now also lectures and trains other oral surgeons on the nuances of the All-On-Four procedure, and how to achieve the best surgical and esthetic results.

We at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implant Specialists of Middlesex would be happy to sit down and discuss dental implants, All-On-Four (R), or any other questions you may have. Feel free to call us and schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.