Testimonials from Our Patients

Dear Dr. Goulston,

I just wanted to bring some treats and thank you so much for your kindness and caring before, during, and after my procedure. It made all the difference in the world to me how caring you are! The fact that you took the time to call me personally (Although I missed your calls, so sorry!)

Dear staff,

I wanted to thank the entire office for providing me with such a positive experience during my dental surgery last week.
Each person in their role was professional, kind, outreaching and very knowledgeable.
I deeply appreciate the vast technical capabilities of the surgical staff and the exceptional level of skill and caring of Dr. Goulston.
Once again, thank you all for all you did.

For Dr. Michael Goulston,

I am very grateful and appreciate your dedication and care during this process. I know God was with us. Thank you so much and please accept this detail in appreciation. My daughter said thank you for all your care.
God Bless!!

Dear Dr. Goulston,

I sincerely appreciate your best wishes concerning my latest medical condition. I did have the RF Ablation procedure and I am recovering well. I will have another procedure on May 6th. Dr. Stelzer expects a complete recovery. He is a super Doctor!
You are truly a great Doctor and I feel that I have been blessed to have been treated by you. You are the best!
I will keep in touch and let you know how my treatments progress.
God Bless